Identifying yourself to IRC

Many remote servers rely on identd to let people in. Some systems run it as a default. Because we at Panix feel that it is not in the interests of our customers' privacy to automatically give out such information, our version sends encoded information unless you set it to send clear text. The default behavior is to NOT give out your identity.

Some IRC servers want the clear text value.

If you wish to have your identity (Panix login name) made available to remote servers, you can create a file called ".ident_ok" in your home directory. You must also insure that the ident server has the permission to access this file. The contents of the file are irrelevant and it will not be read; only its existence will be tested.

For example, to set up your account so that you can access ident-requiring IRC servers, do the following from a UNIX shell prompt:

touch .ident_ok
chmod 711 . .ident_ok

(In the last line, that is a period followed by a space followed by .ident_ok. This is not a typo; it is ensuring that the appropriate permission is set on your directory as well as on the .ident_ok file.)

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